AIRCAT International

We provide an online database system known as Automatic Inspection Repair Corrosion Aircraft Tracking (AIRCAT) International to our member countries to submit Technical Assistance Requests (TAR).  AIRCAT International was developed based on the USAF version of AIRCAT.  AIRCAT International is a web-based application that stores flight record information.  Flight records are then used to calculate equivalent flight hours against actual flight time.  Equivalent flight hours are then used to develop reports that help decision makers plan for the maintenance and repair of their fleet.

AIRCAT International is beneficial in many ways.  For data entry personnel, one of the most important aspects of AIRCAT International is the program’s ability to validate new flight data against previously recorded data.  By leveraging the extensive collection of historical data against new data, AIRCAT International is able to provide the user with feedback regarding fuel usage, airframe hours, or cargo weights.  The program will also display error codes detailing specific information if the flight is out of sequence, used too much or too little fuel, or lost too much weight during flight.  AIRCAT International can also recognize the specific configuration of an airframe based upon tail number and will limit or enable those features associated with the configuration.  For decision makers, the most useful part of AIRCAT International is the ability to create many reports about the aircraft in their fleet.  These reports put detailed information into the hands of those who need it in a timely and cost effective manner.  This enables managers to deploy their assets in the most effective way possible.

AIRCAT International offers a variety of accomplished methods geared to help our member countries be successful.