About Us

The C-130 transport, named "Hercules" from the mythical Greek hero renowned for his great strength, first flew sixty five years ago (1954) and has been delivered to more than sixty countries around the world, more than 2,500 C-130s have been built, and they are flown by more than seventy nations worldwide, in more than seventy variations.

The C-130 Technical Coordination Group (TCG) was formed in 1987 as a USAF organization to provide a more direct line of operational and logistical assistance to the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) users of the C-130 Hercules aircraft.  The C-130 TCG currently supports thirty seven international country partners.  Combined, these country partners are flying approximately 359 C-130 (B, E, H, J, and L-100) aircraft.  International users make up over 65 percent of the worldwide fleet.

The C-130 TCG is steadily expanding as the USAF continues to retire its fleet, and the excess aircraft is purchased by international customers.  Membership levels have varied over the years, but there has been one constant--service to our member countries.  This service can be as simple as providing an aircraft part number to as complex as designing a country specific structural or avionics modification.  Being positioned at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, the staff of the C-130 TCG can not only draw from their considerate expertise but also from access to the flying history and future direction of the USAF fleet.  The availability of such reliability, maintainability, and support data makes this low cost investment a winner.

As of 2020 the C-130 TCG has been operational for 33 years.  Next year (2021) will mark our 31st World Wide Review conference that generally takes place in October.  Please visit our World Wide Review page for additional details on location and registration for this event.